Frequently Asked Question.

Q: In what categories I can order my portraits?

 A : The portraits are done in these categories:

– Detailed Portraits from live.

– Portraits from photos.

– Live Portraits.

 Q: How long it takes to have my  live portraits be done?

A: If you like having your portraits from live, it requires minimum of three sessions to pose for the artist, each session two hours including intervals.

Q: what  if I do not have time to set as model for a  live portraits ?

If you do not have time to set as the model;  the artist will take some of your pictures  by the camera to be used as the photo references in your portraits painting.

Q: How I can send my photos  if I live in a far distance ?

If no possibility to set for the artist as live model or you live in a far distance, your provided clear photos both printed or with digital formats is acceptable.  Please bring the copy of your unique and  no replaceable  photos to the artist. The far distance customers can send their photos by e-mail, CD or it can be uploaded to the on line ordering form in artist’s website,

Q: what quality of  photos are acceptable?

A: It should be in jpeg format at least 300 dpi in size and good resolution . The painting from a faded photo will be done only if its no replaceable or belong to a deceased person.

 Q: How the quick  live portraits be done?

A:  This type of  portraits is done  within 30 minutes  to one hour  while you are posing live to the Artist , the likeness  and personality  of the model captures by a quick sketching of the head and face without emphasizing on deep details using some  soft layers of tones only.

Q: Does the live sitting requires fixing of an appointment ?

A: All type of live portraits is done by appointments only. The provided completion time is an estimate, and it may vary based on workload and complexity of the work.

Q: What is the time frame for a Portraits Completion?

A: Oil portraits:   1 month to 6 month

Pencil or Charcoal:  2 weeks to one months

Quick live portraits: 30 munits to one hour

what is the cost of the Shipping ?

for most of the order a fixed rate of  $10 to $ 15  will be added to  the total cost  , for oversize or larger orders, If applicable, the additional shipping cost or sales tax expenses will also apply and will be charges as the extra cost .

 Q: Do I get my portraits framed or unframed? 

A: The portraits both in paper or  in canvas are provided without framing. If you would like to have it framed; the framing cost will be charged separately.

Q: Is the Copyright  rules and regulation apply to my ordered portraits or any other artworks?

A: Artist reserved the copyrights of her created portraits and artworks, if the portraits or artworks is used for the commercial and profitable purposes, granting of this type of subsidiary rights to customer requires the arrangement of additional fee to the artist.

Q: What Rights  the artist retains on the  digital or  printed copy of my painted portraits? 

A: If required, the Artist would submit the original Paintings or a digital copy of your portraits to her website pages, in Jury shows, competitions and exhibitions . Are you agree if the artist use your portraits Painting for such purposes mentioned above?    In this purpose ,your  signed agreement is required.

Q what is the Payments procedure:

A: you payment transaction will take place with the secured  payment method through the official site of the Pay pal.

Full payments are required at the time of the placement of the order. The 30{5a4602820180388f88ff43c7dd8dd2f21cf6c15a493881df9d17847e8759ee61} of the total price is not refundable if the order canceled after 24 hours from the order placement time.  Changing the subject matter or the photo reference of the placed order is acceptable only within 24 hours from the time of the placement of the order.   No return and No refund for completed or picked up orders. At the time of pick up any error noticed on the portraits or artwork will be fixed within extra time frame.

Both the gallery and the artist are not responsible for lost , damages or  money refunding  of any portraits and artworks not picked up after three months.

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