Realism Statement

I proudly embrace the label of a realist artist; my creations not only unveil unequivocal truths and precision, but they also capture the authenticity of subjects and objects. In doing so, I showcase the multifaceted dimensions of my artistic prowess. The craftsmanship that I emphasize remains a beacon of pure artistry, a light that can sometimes dim amidst contemporary styles.

While weaving a coherent thread through each series of my artworks, I venture into diverse mediums and genres. I meticulously select a medium that harmonizes with my artistic intent and complements the chosen genre and subject. In my oil paintings, I take delight in blending tones and values, employing smoky effects and edge softening techniques reminiscent of Classicism. This technical approach infuses my works with an aura of classic-realism, adding depth to their essence. Meanwhile, my watercolor pieces come alive with a range of vibrant lights and shadows, capturing the captivating play of transparent layers, luminosity, and confident brushwork. As for charcoal, pencil, and pen and ink drawings, I transform colorful values into a captivating monochromatic universe, complete with distinct impressions and a touch of personal flair. At the heart of my portraiture and figurative compositions, a marriage of external likeness and inner essence unfolds – a testament to my artistic philosophy. This fusion, rooted in the principles of Geometry and Realism, takes form in my distinctive style, known as Handasaisim.

My journey as a war-victim artist has been marked by the immense tragedy of conflict. Through displacement, exile, and survival in a male-dominated and intellectually confined environment, I've weathered profound challenges. Yet, these tribulations have ignited a creative spark and unwavering motivation to confront life's harshest realities with both imagination and a grounded, realistic outlook.