Portraits Statement


I firmly hold the belief that the human being stands as the pinnacle of the universe, possessing inherent beauty, impeccable proportions, balance, and a visual grandeur that, both in its spiritual and physical dimensions, conveys distinct messages of sacred and scientific origins. This profound impact has driven me to translate these values into a visual manifestation through my portrait paintings, offering viewers moments of both delight and contemplation. The crux of my artistic approach lies in harmonizing the outer semblance with the inner essence of my subjects, forming the heart of my portrait and figurative compositions.

My aptitude for the art of painting surfaced during my formative years, as I meticulously depicted my surroundings with precision and proportion. Upon joining an art school, my ability to capture exact proportions and likenesses of live models swiftly gained recognition. This early talent led to my acclaim as a prodigious child artist, earning commendation from instructors, school management, society, and media alike.

Since the early 1980s, I have been dedicated to crafting remarkable portraits that encapsulate exceptional likeness and beauty, serving an exclusive clientele both locally and internationally.

The art of painting, with its unique prowess, unveils concealed beauty and truths. I derive immense satisfaction from revealing the latent splendors and realities of the human existence through my portrait paintings.